Meet our teachers!


Mrs. Sichol Rattanawong

School Director

  • Degree: Master of Education in Education Administration

  • Certification: Certified Educational Administrator, Certified Teacher, and Certified Education Evaluator

  • Opened Theodore International School in 2014 with the hope to inspire and challenge young minds, provide quality education,  and spread the love of Jesus. 

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Mrs. Morgan Moellering

Academic Head (Principal)

  • Degree: Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education, Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, Master of Education in Teacher Leadership

  • Certification: Certified Teacher from America, Certified Cambridge Examiner, Certified SAT Instructor, and Certified in Child Protection: Children's Rights in Theory and Practice

  • Previous Educational Experiences: I've taught Toddlers, Early Childhood Students, and Elementary Students over the span of 10 years. I've tutored and led small groups for students ages 2-20.

  • Hobbies: traveling, crafting, spending time with family, watching and playing sports with my husband

  • Fun Fact: I was awarded the EdIncites Educator of the Year award for the 2019-2020 school year out of all 50 United States.



Toddler Homeroom Teacher 

  • Degree: 

  • Certification: 

  • Previous Educational Experiences: 

  • Hobbies: 

  • Fun Fact: 


Miss Mahalia Bunch

Pre Kindergarten Homeroom Teacher

  • Degree: BS in Social and Behavioral Sciences

  • Certification: TEFL, CELTA

  • Previous Educational Experiences: Taught ESL in Warsaw, Poland. Taught ESL at Neues Leben English Camp in Wolmersen, Germany. Homework tutor for Boys & Girls Club of America

  • Hobbies: Swimming, cooking, creating/editing videos, fishing, camping.

  • Fun Fact: I played Defensive Lineman for the only female American Football team in Poland.


Mrs. Victoria Benson

Pre Kindergarten Homeroom Teacher

  • Degree: Environmental Studies, BA

  • Certification: TEFL  

  • Previous Educational Experiences: Tutored college student english, worked at a PreK school

  • Hobbies: Anything in the ocean, birding, hiking, travelling

  • Fun Fact: Worked in a wildlife hospital caring for sick, injured, and orphaned wildlife for 4 years


Mr. Levi Moellering

Kindergarten Homeroom Teacher 

  • Degree: Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and Masters Degree in Infectious Diseases

  • Certification: Certified Teacher

  • Previous Educational Experiences: Tutoring students of all ages

  • Hobbies: I love to spend time going on adventures with my wife, being outdoors, and my new hobby is playing badminton.

  • Fun Fact: I had malaria in Africa before and almost died! 


Mr. Devon Benson

Grade 1 Homeroom Teacher 

  • Degree: BS of Science in Athletic Training

  • Certification: TEFL

  • Previous Educational Experiences: Tutored university level students in Anatomy/Physiology I/II

  • Hobbies: Working out, basketball, going to the beach

  • Fun Fact: Interned with the Boston Red Sox


Mr. Alex Della Rosa

Grade 2 Homeroom Teacher

  • Degree: Actuarial Science BSc.

  • Certification: CELTA, TEFL, Diploma in Teaching Education

  • Previous Educational Experiences: 4 years, teaching in Nakhon si Thammarat

  • Hobbies: tennis, painting by numbers, chess

  • Fun Fact: Drove 2000 Kms in April around 5 provinces in southern Thailand


Miss Caris Gradwell

Grade 3 Homeroom Teacher

  • Degree: BA English Literature/ Masters Public Relations

  • Certification: TEFL

  • Previous Educational Experiences: Primary, Middle, Secondary English Teaching (Grades 3, 5, 6, 7, 10, 11)

  • Hobbies: Football and workout

  • Fun Fact: Taught in Dubai for 2 years and travelled to Sydney to backpack


Miss Chandler Duhe

Grade 4 Homeroom Teacher 

  • Degree: Middle School Math and Science (4-8) and Masters in Educational Leadership 

  • Certification:  Certified Teacher, Level 2

  • Previous Educational Experiences: 5 years experience 7th grade science and math tutoring, Science Wetland Conservation group leader for 15 years, BETA sponsor 5 years, Chemistry club sponsor 2 years, 2 years of Religion Teacher, Team Leader for 3 years

  • Hobbies: Yoga, Eating, Camping, Hiking, Social Media, Cooking/Baking, Netflix, Reading

  • Fun Fact: Will be getting my yoga teaching certification to eventually teach around the world, TBA…


Miss Briana Owens

Grade 5 Homeroom Teacher 

  • Degree: B.A. in Elementary Education (Grades K-6) and M.Ed in Curriculum and Instruction with a Concentration in Teaching English as a Second Language

  • Certification: North Carolina Elementary Teaching License

  • Previous Educational Experiences: I have taught 5th grade (all subjects) for the past 4 years in the United States.

  • Hobbies: Hiking, Exploring, Camping, Reading

  • Fun Fact: I studied abroad in South Africa for a month during college. I went paragliding and shark cage diving!


Mr. Mark Lundy

Grade 7 Homeroom Teacher 

  • Degree: BFA, B.ED

  • Certification: Ontario College of Teachers

  • Previous Educational Experiences: ELL, MYP, Kodally Music Method

  • Hobbies: practising instruments, sailing, and sports 

  • Fun Fact: I like to read biographies and history documentaries


Mr. Kendall Pryor

Grade 8 Homeroom Teacher

  • Degree: Bachelor's degree in business management, emphasis in Human Resources, minor in Psychology

  • Certification: TEFL certified, completed teacher training from Aston Educational Group based in China

  • Previous Educational Experience: Teaching English to Pre-K in Xi'an, China, and religious teaching to young adults/adults in America

  • Hobbies: I love to exercise, create things, do art projects, and make music!

  • Fun Fact: I love space, and I can identify around 30 constellations in the night sky!



Mr. Robert Rodin

Grade 10 Homeroom Teacher

  • Degree: 

  • Certification: 

  • Previous Educational Experiences: 

  • Hobbies: 

  • Fun Fact: 


Mr. Paul Lomax

Grade 11 Homeroom Teacher

  • Degree: Bachelor of Science Education

  • Certification: Certified teacher of math and science

  • Previous Educational Experiences: 3 years teaching in New Jersey, USA and 6 years teaching throughout Thailand

  • Hobbies: cello playing, making "amature" transcriptions, arrangements, and orchestrations of (mostly) existing works, and motorcycling

  • Fun Fact: I've ridden the tallest, second fasted, roller coaster in the world in the front row!

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Mr. Adisorn Premlek

Music Teacher 

  • Degree: Diploma of Arts in International Music and Bachelor of Arts Degree in Classical Music

  • Certification: Bachelor of Education in Guidance Program

  • Previous Educational Experiences: 1999-Present: Teaching music throughout Thailand

  • Hobbies: practice music, listen to music, play sports, planting trees, traveling

Kru Nang_edited.jpg

Miss Churiphon Meyer

Thai Teacher

  • Degree: Bachelor Degree in Computer Education

  • Certification: Certified Teacher

  • Previous Educational Experiences: 2004-2005: Computer Teacher in Thailand National Sports University Chumphon Campus. 2005-2009: Thai teacher in English Samui Education School.

  • Hobbies: traveling, playing badminton, reading, sewing, listening to music, and watching movies

  • Fun Quote: Life is short, smile while you still have teeth.

Kru Fern_edited.jpg

Miss Nuttarika Lohajeerang

Thai Teacher

  • Degree: Bachelor Degree in Language Communication and Business

  • Certification: Certified Teacher

  • Previous Educational Experiences: 2019-2020 Interns teaching Thai and English in Niramon Chumphon School

  • Hobbies: Listen to music, singing, taking photos, traveling


Miss Bianca Chan

Chinese Teacher 

  • Degree: Bachelor of Arts 

  • Certification: Mandarin Certificate

  • Previous Educational Experience: Private tutoring

  • Hobbies: video editing, cooking, fashion

  • Fun fact: I am scared of bugs, even ants :/